How to Zip Up Multiple Wav Files


Step 1

If you are submitting multiple songs for upload, you can skip to step 2.

When a mixing engineer asks for your songs “tracked out” what they mean is that each track in your song is exported (or bounced) by itself in its correct sequence. For example, all the kicks in your song will be in a file named something like kicks.wav, all the snares in your song will be in a file named snares.wav, all the vocals will be in a file named vocals.wav. When you’ve tracked out your song you should have a folder with the following wav files in it (obviously depending on your songs and names you gave this may differ):

  • Lead or main vox or vocals
  • Ad libs
  • Main vocals chorus
  • Left vocals chorus
  • Right Vocals chorus
  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Synths

Basically every track you used in your song should be in this folder. An important thing to note is that your tracks should be sequenced meaning that they all start from the beginning of the song and end only when they are no longer used in the song anymore, usually the end of the song. Sometimes we’ll receive just the actual sounds themselves and we don’t want that and here’s why.

Step 2

You have your folder with your large wav files and you don’t want to upload them one at a time. A good way to save time and bandwidth is by zipping up the folder using programs such as Winzip or Winrar or 7-zip. What these programs do is compress your folder into a smaller size usually as a .zip file or .rar file that you can upload by itself. You can do a google search for “zip utility” to find different programs.

Step 3

It is pretty straight forward how to zip up your folder once you’ve got a zipping program. But if you still need help watch this video below on exactly on how to zip up a folder.

Step 4

Once you’ve got your zip file, you can head over to our upload page and upload it. Hooray!

If you are uploading multiple songs for mastering, click here to upload your zip file.

If you are uploading multiple tracks for mixing and mastering, click here to upload your zip file.



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