5 Tips to Help Musicians Make Money Out of Their Passion

by Mike

As with most people, artists want to turn their passion into a money-making endeavour (or at the very least pay the bills). For artists to athletes, such passion drives them to become better at what they love. Of course, the dream to earn money for doing what one loves doing is undoubtedly an enticing prospect.

However, this isn’t easy to do. Just because one knows how to do something well doesn’t guarantee any money will be made.

If you’re a musician and are facing this problem, fret not. There are certainly all sorts of things you can do to increase your chances of making money out of what you love doing.

Here are 5 ways…

1. Build a Website

Do you love what you do and want to show off your talent to the world? If you do, you should consider building a website where you can showcase your work. By doing so, you can gain a fanbase that could grow into a small fan community that might be willing to purchase your work.

Not only that, but you would have a better grasp of your brand as a musician if you have a
website that you control.

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2. Make a Public Profile on Social Media

Another great way to increase your chances of making money out of your passion is to establish a public profile on social media platforms. You can build your fan community here, as well as interact with them.

Such interaction could lead to the potential expansion of your fanbase. It is on social media where you might find your first fans, and nothing gets a musician discovered like going viral.

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3. Sell Your Music on Third Party Websites

Even a musician can consider selling their work on third-party websites. This is a great way to earn extra income if you have some free time.

For example, many musicians make a decent living selling tracks and snippets to companies who need to use them for their marketing materials.

The beauty of this is that you could make a decent amount from one-minute instrumental tracks.

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4. Create a YouTube Channel

As a musician, you can make a YouTube channel where you can share your skills and music. If you’re a singer, you can take it a step further and make a song and video of your original composition.

This could lead to fame or at least a following.

YouTube has set precedent for building an audience and could lead to a promising following for an independent musician.

5. Make a Physical Product

Musicians have been selling merchandise of their brand since time immemorial. You can sell posters of your album art, shirts with your band logo on them or lyrics, and so on.

Nowadays, more and more people are eager to support their favourite artists by buying their merchandise, as has
been seen in the immense popularity of non-music merchandise in the Kpop industry.


It is entirely possible to make money as a musician. The truth is, you have to take it as a challenge, and you have to be willing to make sacrifices such as putting your passion in the backseat for a while. Regardless, you need to do what you can to achieve success.

Remember, you might not start making money right away, but with enough hard work, you can enjoy the
fruits of your success!

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