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Brighter Brighter

We'll give your song a high quality polish.

Louder Louder

We'll make your song louder while maintaining dynamics and transparency.

Bass Boom Bass Boom

We'll pump up the bass and kicks.

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Cleaner Cleaner

We'll make your song cleaner, smoother and fuller.

Stereo Enhanced Stereo Enhanced

We'll give your song that "big feel".

Vocal Lift Vocal Lift

We'll make your vocals sit better in the mix.

We Respect Your Art

We carefully consider the style, genre and tone of your song to create the perfect master.

Ultra High Definition

We listen to every micro-second of your song and will fix as many sonic flaws as possible without compromising sonic integrity.

Musicians Love Our Mixing and Mastering

Musicians just like you love our mixing and mastering services so much they tell their friends! Read actual reviews.

48 hours or less

Once payment is received, we'll have your finished song back to you within 48 hours or less. What can we say? We love our work and take pride in our craftsmanship.


Does mastering make a difference? When it's done right it does.

Urban R&B

Unmastered Unmastered Rap

Mastered Mastered Rap


Unmastered Unmastered Rock

Mastered Mastered Rock


Unmastered Unmastered Electronic

Mastered Mastered Electronic


Unmastered Unmastered Electronic

Mastered Mastered Electronic

Acoustic Rock

Unmastered Unmastered Acoustic

Mastered Mastered Acoustic

R&B Funk

Unmastered Unmastered R&B Funk

Mastered Mastered R&B Funk


Unmastered Unmastered R&B

Mastered Mastered R&B

Dancehall Reggae

Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered


Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered

Hip Hop

Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered

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Top 40

Artist's Mix Unmastered

ADG Mix + Master Mastered

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What Our Clients Say

  • Andre thank you so much!! Your work sounds fantastic!! You made everything sound smooth yet retained the dynamics and feel of the tracks. You performed the aural version of tasteful cosmetic surgery!! Thanks again!!

    Bev S., Artist/Producer, Source


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