Music Mastering Service

Audio mastering is the final step before the world hears you.

We'll master your music to perfection.

Brighter Brighter

We'll give your song a high quality polish.

Louder Louder

We'll make your song louder without distorting it.

Stereo Enhanced Stereo Enhanced

We'll give your song that "3D big feel".

Cleaner Cleaner

We'll make your song cleaner, smoother and fuller.

Bass Boom Bass Boom

We'll turn up the bass and kicks.

Vocal Presence Vocal Presence

We'll make your vocals sit better in the mix.

Mastering Prices

Click the "Purchase now" button on the amount of songs you need mastered. You'll be taken to Paypal to complete payment. Once payment is complete, you'll be directed to an upload page to send your mixes to us. That's it! Your songs will be mastered and sent to you within 48 hours or less. Guaranteed.

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Does mastering make a difference? When it's done right it does.

Urban R&B

Unmastered Unmastered Rap

Mastered Mastered Rap


Unmastered Unmastered Rock

Mastered Mastered Rock


Unmastered Unmastered Electronic

Mastered Mastered Electronic


Unmastered Unmastered Electronic

Mastered Mastered Electronic

Acoustic Rock

Unmastered Unmastered Acoustic

Mastered Mastered Acoustic

R&B Funk

Unmastered Unmastered R&B Funk

Mastered Mastered R&B Funk


Unmastered Unmastered R&B

Mastered Mastered R&B

Dancehall Reggae

Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered


Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered

Hip Hop

Unmastered Unmastered

Mastered Mastered

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Top 40

Artist's Mix Unmastered

ADG Mix + Master Mastered

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