Upload For Mastering

Let’s make those songs sound amazing!

Since you’ve already paid, you will bypass the line and receive your song within 48 hours. Guaranteed.

Before uploading your masterpiece please read the following:

  • Make sure your song is already mixed down into one track. Don’t send sessions stems for mastering.
  • Make sure your songs have NOT HAD ANY LIMITER PLUGINS ADDED TO THE FINAL STEREO MIX. If you don’t know what this means here’s a diagram.
  • Make sure your songs are in .WAV FORMAT or .AIFF FORMAT. DO NOT SEND MP3s as they are not suitable for high quality mastering.
  • Try to make sure your songs have some “headroom”. If you don’t know what “headroom” means it basically means make sure your song is around -15 LUFS (integrated).

Upload your song by clicking “Click here to Upload”, you’ll be taken to our wetransfer page.

Don’t forget to enter your email address so that we can confirm payment and send you your mastered song.

Having trouble uploading? If this isn’t working, you can upload your file to your favorite file sharing site and send it via our contact form.