Mastering Jazz Music


Okay I don’t know why I titled this “mastering jazz music” or what I’m going to talk about today but I did just finish mastering a jazz song. And it got me thinking.

Jazz, especially instrumental jazz, is a very unorthodox style of music. You wont hear just a 4 bar loop. You’ll hear many layers. Many switch ups. Many arrangements. Many sounds. It is almost like the sonic equivalent of abstract art where a bunch of colors are thrown at a canvas and even though it is difficult to recognize a pattern, it still looks beautiful.

This then reminded me of a conversation I was having with a producer buddy about the style of music people like Diplo and Bauer create. If you haven’t heard of them, I guess they would be considered EDM, but don’t necessarily follow the four-on-the-floor format. Anyway, I think I described their sound as ADHD music because their are so many switch ups and barely any melodies looped. Wait a minute this sounds like jazz, or freestyle jazz.

Isn’t that crazy? Two genres whose listeners probably don’t like each other or understand each other have so much in common. But isn’t that always the case? Have you noticed how much Muslim extremists and Extreme right wingers from the U.S. have in common. Their goals maybe different but their approach is the same.

Interestingly, my approach to mastering a jazz song would probably be the same as mastering a Diplo song – it’s about the feel, particularly the feel of right now. It’s ADHD music and this has been an ADHD blog post, thanks for coming along for the ride.



Andre is the head audio engineer at ADG Mastering. When he's not hunched over a mixing console he's hanging out with his son and daughter age 6 and 8.

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