Learn how to export stems in FL Studio

How to Export Individual Tracks in FL Studio For Mixing


First thing you need to do is make sure each track in your song is connected to a separate channel in the mixer.

This is the most important part of exporting stems in FL Studio and you should do this slowly and carefully.

In the image below, you can see we’ve connected this track named “Lex808_1” with channel 9 in the mixer.

To do this all you need to do is click on the track and on the box on the right labeled FX, change the number to a free channel on the mixer.

Now you just have to connect every track to a different channel in the mixer.

Pro Tip

A good idea is to give each track it’s own channel in the mixer and don’t send two tracks to the same channel unless you’re consolidating the vocals, which we’ll explain how to do next.

Don’t worry it’s really easy.

How to Consolidate Vocals For Export in Fl Studio

When I say consolidate the vocals what I mean is separate the main vocals, ad libs, doubles (should you still be recording vocal doubles?), chorus lead, chorus backing and chorus ad libs into their own tracks.

So when it’s all said and done, you’ll have these tracks all in separate WAV forms.

  • Main Vocals
  • Ad Libs
  • Doubles
  • Chorus Lead
  • Chorus Backing
  • Chorus Ad Lib

For example, you can send a main vocal for verses 1, 2 and 3 to the same channel in the mixer.

You can then do the same for the other vocal tracks as well (send them to their own channel in the mixer).

This way when you export them there will be one track with all your main vocals in it, one track with all the backing vocals in it, one track with all the main chorus vocals in it, you get the idea.

Another good thing to do is name each track correctly.

For example, if you have a main vocal track, name it “main vocal” in the mixer by right clicking on the channel and going to rename.

This way it’ll be easier for you to assign tracks to the correct channel and when the file exports it’ll be called “main vocals”.

Also you’re audio engineer will love you because you saved him time from organizing your stems.

Export Stems in Fl Studio

Now you go to File > Export > Wav file

Next a dialog window will pop up asking you to name it and save it.

The beat I’m exporting is called “Tropical Trap” (don’t ask me why I named it that).

This is where you’ll want to create a new folder and name it your songs name.

You can right click and go to “Create new folder” and then you can name it accordingly.

I will usually title the folder the song’s name and put (stems) beside it.

For example, if the song is called “Tropical Trap”, I’d have a folder called “Tropical Trap (stems)” and it would contain all the exported stems from Fl Studio in it.

Don’t forget to select this folder and click “save” as this is where you’re telling FL Studio to export your stems.

The Final Part

Finally, this window will pop up, all you need to is select “Split mixer tracks”.

You can also copy the same settings I have used here as well.

Once you’ve done that, click “Start” and let the magic happen.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll have a folder with all the tracks from your song separated.

Exporting Stems Mistake: Don’t Worry Everyone Does This

A common problem, I still do even to this day, is forget to link one track to it’s own mixer channel, so it’ll be missing from the folder! Ouch.

Remember up above I said to do it slowly and carefully.

You can double check to make sure every track from your song is in the folder by exporting your tracks back into your recording program and making sure they’re all there and lined up correctly.

Bonus Tip

Now that you’ve got a folder with all your song’s tracks in it, you’ll want to zip them up so you can easily send them to our mixing and mastering services.

If you’re not familiar with zipping files, here’s our helpful guide on How to Zip Up Your Music Files.



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  1. A friend sent me his track in seperate files for mixing. The exported files are all 95 MB big, even if it’s a single short sample. Is that normal?

  2. I have exported all instruments to wav files in a folder. But when I start copying them again in new project to start my mixing , fl crashes. I think it’s due to that wav files are also bigger in size. Pls help. How to put back wave files and not crash the new project

  3. Hey, i have fade in and fade out (automation clips) on every of my beats, i know that they won’t get the effects ‘cuz is on master channel only ,my question is, basically as a producer/beatmaker, do i need to make every track have the effects if i wanna sell trackout? or do i just keep it flat?

  4. Hey thanks for the interactive material. I have an issue. Everything exports except the drums. The drums are in the right spots but are silent. Any ideas?

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