Why You Can’t Add Artist and Song Title to Song’s Info


A few artists have asked me to embed their songs with the artist name, song name and other info into the song so that when it’s played say on radio or in the car the information will show in the stereo’s display. The thing is because masters are provided in wav or aiff they do not have any info tag to insert this information. You’ll notice when you put an audio cd into your car, it won’t say the artist name or song name either. That’s because audio CDs are just wav files rendered at 16 bit and sampled at 44.1khz.

How to Get Your Information to Show in Car?

The only way to get your info to show is by converting your song to an mp3 and changing the ID3 tags. This is a very easy process. In most media players, such as iTunes and Winamp, you can simply right click on the song and bring up the “song info” in which you can easily change. The thing with this method is is that it only works for when you’re burning your own MP3 data cds or are listening to your mp3 off a usb or phone that’s connected to your car. If you’re selling mp3s from your own site than this method as well.


How Do Real Artists Get Their Information to Show?

As mentioned, you can’t get an audio cd to show any data on your stereo’s display. What you’re probably thinking about is how do radio stations show the data for the artist and song they’re playing? The process is really simple. When you send in your song to the radio station, it’s in wav format, what they’ll do is if you’re accepted for radio play, they likely convert it to mp3 and change the ID3 tag in accordance with their station’s naming guidelines.



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