Remote Executive Producer

We mentor you from concept to help create your best song...Ever.

Hey friends…

We now have all the tools and all the know how…to make anything we want…

But the problem is, we don’t know if what we’re making is worthwhile…or…if we’re going in the right direction…or…if what we’re making is good for us.

So we figured how can we help?

This is how the Remote Executive Producer was born…

The purpose of this service is to provide guidance and mentorship for artists who are either…

…Still finding their sound…

…Need help executing their sound…


…Who are looking to switch up their sound…

The goal will be to fast-track your artistic development from intermediate to advanced by creating a Compass Song.

Your Compass Song will be the song that helps you get crystal clear on your signature sound and be the springboard for all your artistry going forward.

In other words…it will be your best song…ever.

Best in terms of 5 key elements…

  • Lyrics
  • Production
  • Performance
  • Recording 
  • Mixing & Mastering

So what does this service provide?

We help you identify your sound/style… 

Throughout our first session, we’ll figure out where you are in your artistic process…and assess your talent, skillset, and niche.

We’ll work together to figure out the best direction for you.

We help you with beat or music selection… 

In our second session, we’ll go over beat selection or music production together…

We will not be making a beat for you but rather choosing music with you that would favor your sound/direction/where you are right now.

We help you come up with a song concept… 

In our third session, (this is where the magic happens) we’ll determine a song concept and begin a rough concept of the chorus.

We help you come up with the chorus concept… 

This is where we’ll work together to come up with a chorus that will be the basis for the song.

This is important as this will be the focal point of the song and of your sound.

We help you come up with a lyric concept.. 

Once we have an idea of where we want to go with the chorus we’ll spend 2 hours collaborating on lyrics together.

You will be the primary songwriter and we will act as a springboard for you to bounce ideas off.

We’ll provide ideas, advice, critique, editing, feedback, and encouragement.

We provide recording performance coaching

This is where you’ll record as well as “write” the song…

Our approach is to let the lyrics come naturally and not force anything…

We’ll coach you on your delivery, phrasing, cadence, and intonation.

This is also where will do any necessary re-writes and steer you back on course.

Our goal here is to absolutely nail the feeling.

How is it delivered?

You get 6 hours worth of mentoring delivered over 3 sessions.

All sessions will be held over Google Meet.


1) Premium Mixing (Value $500)

To ensure we get the sound we envision, we also have to do post-audio engineering.  Therefore, we’ll be offering our premium mixing service as an added bonus. 

2) Premium Mastering (Value $250)

You’ll also receive our premium mastering as we’ll have more time to work on it (two weeks vs 2 days).

3) Recording Setup Check (Value $100)

We’ll spend about 15 to 30 minutes evaluating your recording setup to make sure it’s able to produce the sound we’re looking for.

We’ll offer suggestions on how to improve it as well if any additional equipment is needed.

4) Spotify Takeover Method Program (Value $497)

You’ll also get the Spotify Takeover Method, which is an online course that teaches artists how to use social media ads to promote their music.

We figure now that you have a proper song, you’re going to want to tell the world about it!

So how do you sign up?

First of all, this is not cheap, because it will get you crystal clear on who you are as an artist and save you years from struggling doing it alone.

Also because it requires a time commitment from us, we cannot work with everyone who applies.

That is why we’re only taking 2 artists this month.

The price for this investment is $1,997 plus 5% royalties.

To sign up, schedule a 15 minute call with us…where we’ll see if we’re the right fit…you can book your call by clicking book a call.