Cheap Mastering

Why Getting Cheap Mastering Is Not a Good Idea

If I had a penny for every time some artist or producer sent me an email saying something like, “Hey Andre I paid someone online $5 to master my song and they really screwed it up. Can you please fix it?”, I’d be so rich I wouldn’t have to be an audio enginer anymore.

My immediate reaction to such emails is, “What did you expect when you paid so cheap for mastering! Did you think it would be Drake or Kanye West level?”. I’m of course leaving out the curse words and extra exclamation marks.

But it’s almost hilarious how much time and money artists waste trying to get the cheapest mastering hoping it’ll give them the industry quality their music lacks and so desperately needs. Why? Let’s think about this logically.

When an artist like Drake gets his songs mastered. How much do you think he pays? For argument sake most mastering engineers at that level charge between $3000 and $7000 per song. If you believe you can get that kind of quality for $5 or even free, I have some land I’ll like to sell you.

While our mastering service doesn’t cost $7000 a song, and wont give you the same mastering quality as Drake and Kanye, we’ll give you industry standard mastering that’ll compete with most music today at a competitive price.

If your songs have been mixed by a trained ear, you’ll be surprised how good they sound when they’re professionally mastered. Keep in mind, however, if your mixes are not good (i.e. Mixed by someone with little experience) you should seriously consider having them professionally mixed, as mastering can’t save a poor mix. Remember that old saying, “You can’t polish a turd”? That’s basically what mastering a poor mix is.

Also keep in mind that if you pay dirt cheap for mastering and then have to pay someone else to fix it, you’re essentially paying twice for the same thing and could have avoided doing so and thereby saved money had you just went with the higher priced mastering to begin with.

Do you do mixing and mastering as well?

Yes we do. Check out our premium but affordable mixing and mastering rates.