Upload Tracks
by Andre Gonsalves

Upload Your Tracks

Please read the following carefully before uploading your tracks.

1. This is where you export the individual tracks in your song. If you are new to this read: how to send tracks for mixing for a general understanding.

If you already get all this stuff, but are unsure how to export the individual tracks in your recording program (do not send us your DAW’s session files).

Please follow one of the guides below.

Pro Tools gangsters read: How to Export Individual Tracks in Pro Tools.

Cubase ninjas read: How to Export Individual Tracks in Cubase.

FL Studio heads read: How to Export Individual Tracks in FL Studio.

Logic Pro X wizards read: How to Export Individual Tracks in Logic Pro X.

2. Make sure your tracks have NOT HAD ANY FX OR PLUGINS APPLIED TO THEM. Autotune or Melodyne is okay. One caveat, if the FX add to the artistic vision of the song then leave them on. If there’s a problem, we can always ask you later to send the particular track without the specific FX.

3. Make sure your tracks are in either .WAV FORMAT or .AIFF FORMAT.

4. This is optional but if you include the tempo of your song, your song’s key as well as a reference mix it’ll make us love you even more (You can enter this on the message section on the upload page).

5. Zip up your files to save time uploading.  If you need help zipping read: How to Zip Up Multiple Files.

Okay I’m ready to upload

Are you sure? Okay here goes. Upload your song by selecting “Click here to Upload” from below. You’ll be taken to our wetransfer page, to upload your files. Don’t forget to use the same email address you specified during checkout so that we can send you your completed song.

Click here to Upload

Having trouble uploading? If this isn’t working, you can upload your file to your favorite file sharing site and send it via our contact form.

Help I’m panicking

Don’t worry in most cases just tell the person that recorded your songs to help you send your songs off to mixing, if they have no clue what they’re talking about or you’ve had a falling out with them, contact us and we’ll help with getting the files, not reconciling your relationship though.