What Meek Mill's New Song Can Teach You About Life

What Meek Mill’s New Song Can Teach You About Life


What Meek Mill’s New Song Can Teach You About Life

by Andre Gonsalves

by Andre Gonsalves

Meek Mill has a new song called, “There’s Levels To This Sh*t” and no I have not heard it. But what I imagine it is about is Super Mario Bros.

You start of on an easy level, which at first seems hard cause you’ve never played the game but then you get better. And better. And better. And next thing you know you’re beating up Bowser about to deflower Princess. This is an obvious metaphor to get right?

So then why do I feel so many artists beating themselves up over what Kanye did tonight? Oh he just world premiered his new video, “New Slaves” on projection screens at 66 locations around the world.

You maybe thinking why can’t I do that? Heck why not just on one screen in my city. You can. But not that many would care. And you’d likely end up feeling disappointed and wanting to quit music all together. But remember there are levels to this sh*t.

You have 2000 followers on twitters, Kanye has 9.4 million. You just can’t compete with his reach. Sure you can try to the game the system by buying followers (which I highly don’t recommend) or even playing the followback game by using tweet adder or something, but you’ll just end up playing that game forever.

Instead focus your energy on what matters: creating good music and interesting videos that spread themselves. Don’t worry about having the same budget as Kanye, heck don’t worry about having the same budget as Tyga. You’re just not at the same level (yet!).

Focus on passing the level you’re currently at. Use your smallness to your advantage. Sure there’s a ton of things Kanye can do for promo like appear on Saturday Nite Live but there’s a ton of things you can do for promo that Kanye can’t. Like what you say?

I really have no clue. That’s for you to figure out. Just remember the way you get your music across to people says something about your music. It’s that whole “the medium is the message” idea. Now go young grasshopper and create that medium.

Andre is the head audio engineer at ADG Mastering. When he’s not in front of a mixing board with his eyes closed, he’s having impromptu dance parties with his son and daughter: ages 2 and 4.

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