Why You Must Fight For Your Music


Why You Must Fight For Your Music

by Andre Gonsalves

by Andre Gonsalves

There it is that nagging feeling. I hate it. I despise it. But here I am feeding it. No it’s not the need to create. It’s the need to perfect what we have created.

What separates a real artist from the pack? It is how well they sing? How well they can play their instrument? How many hits they can write? None of that. A real artist is someone who fights.

You’ve got to fight with your mixing engineer to get your songs the way you want to sound. You’ve got to fight with your significant other to get time away to record. You’ve got to fight with your label that wants you do some things you don’t want to do. You’ve got to fight with your management that wants you to promote a pair of headphones you’ve never used. The fighting is endless. Everyday a real artist wakes up and fights.

Real artists don’t just make songs, they fight to see their vision fully realized in the world. Every artist has different motives for why they fight but all the greats fight to change the world. To make people change.

The fight is long, hard and never ending. And that voice in your head telling you to quit, only gets louder as the fight goes longer. But a real artist can never quit because they have an ever louder voice in their head telling them to “work harder” and “don’t give up”. If you have this voice listen to it, it’s called “The Fight” and as long you’re alive it will never back down.



Andre is the head audio engineer at ADG Mastering. When he's not hunched over a mixing console he's hanging out with his son and daughter age 6 and 8.

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