What Robin Williams’ Death Teaches Us About Artistry


We think if only we had this opportunity or got noticed by this person or signed to that label or got this many views, we’d be happy. But happiness is fleeting.It’s always on to the next one, especially in showbiz. “Oh you won an Oscar 10 years ago? You’re nothing!”

The thing is while we’re all trying to be rich, successful and younger looking, the people that seem to have it all are falling apart inside. I know crazy right? Life is a paradox. The things we can have, we don’t want and the things we can’t have, we kill for. How do we end this vicious cycle?

When we were kids, we’d get a toy, play with it and then 5 seconds later forget about it. Isn’t that what we’re still doing? We have no patience. Today an artist was upset with me because his project was being delayed a few days for mistakes he had made. A few days in the grand scheme of things means nothing! How many times do you release a song or video, only to wish you had put an extra day or two into it? I’m guessing every single time. The art you create doesn’t have an expiry date. Michangelo took 16 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. It has stood the test of time because we are still talking about it today. I’m guessing youtube will be around for forever, are you making songs that are going to last 1000 years or be forgotten five minutes after your upload completes? I’m hoping the former, so act like it.

I don’t have all the answers, in fact I have none as evidenced by this post being all over the place. But don’t complain to me that you have deadlines, Robin Williams just died, have some respect will ya?

Author: Andre

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