Mix Consulting Service
by Andre Gonsalves

Mix Consulting Service

We’re grateful so many of you have asked us to consult your mixing and I’m even more happy so many of you are interested in mixing your own stuff, so it is with great pleasure that we offer you our mix consulting services.

By us giving you advice on how to fix your mix yourself, we’re teaching you to become better at your craft. Can you put a price on that?

  • We’ll critique your mix
  • Provide suggestions on how you can fix it
  • Explain why you’re having those mix issues
  • Receive your review within 24 hours

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Upload Your Song

After you’ve completed payment, upload your song below. Be sure to use the same email as you used in Paypal so we can verify your purchase as well as contact you.

What is Mix Consulting?

Basically we listen to your mix and send you a written summary of issues in your mix, why you’re having those issues and how you can fix them. Think of us a second set of experienced ears going over your mix.

What’s an Example?

A mix consulting will look something like the following, though keep in mind each song is different:

The vocals are too loud. Turn those down about 2 to 3 db. And you use an eq cut to filter everything under 200 hertz. Also the kick drum sample isn’t a good fit for this song, I’ve attached a more suitable kick, try this one. The mix is sounding muddy because of this heavy synth sound you have that either needs to be eq’d differently, panned or gotten rid of. Finally turn down the overall mix of the song, as it’s way too hot for mastering.

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