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Free Edits

If you have an additional edits you'd like us to make we'll do them for no extra charge for 10 days after you receive the first mix.

We Know The Pain

We have our own podcast and know what it takes to make it sound professional and not like two guys talking in a room with no ac.

Mic Control

We remove or lower the background noise, compress and eq vocals, lower the "sh" sounds and remove most unwanted popping and click noises.

Mastering Included

We'll make your podcast as loud as professional podcasts (up to broadcast standards).

podcast editing packages

Choose the podcast editing package that works for you and click “Purchase Now”, you’ll be taken to our order form and then to Paypal for secure checkout. Afterwards you’ll be taken to the upload page to upload your episode. That’s it! Your podcast’s episode will be edited within 3 days.


Per episode

  • 2 Hour or Less
  • Free Edits
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • 3 Day Turnaround


Per episode

  • 3 Hours or Less
  • Free Edits
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • 3 Day Turnaround


Per episode

  • Over 3 Hours
  • Free Edits
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • 3 Day Turnaround

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re using the same skills we’ve developed working with over 5000 artists music since 2012 to mix and master your podcast. We basically do things like remove or lower background noise, correctly apply compression, equalization, de-esser (that’s those “sh” sounds), as well as remove any unwanted clicks and pops. We also master your podcast which will make it as loud as professional podcasts by applying high quality limiters, dynamic and analog compression to the mix.

Yes just include your podcast’s intro and outro music as well as any other audio such as advertisements and where you’d like us to insert them (please provide necessary timestamps).

Pricing is based on an individual episode of your podcast and how long it is. 

You have 10 days to request as many edits as you like to your podcast. 

It’ll take between 3 days to get your podcast back. Please be aware this excludes weekends and holidays.

After payment you’ll be taken to the upload page to upload your episode. If you’re on your phone, you’ll be sent an email with instructions. Please follow the guidelines listed on the upload page, if you have any trouble feel free to contact us.

Export your podcast’s audio in mp3 format and  at 320 bitrate with a sample rate of 44.100 kHz or higher.

If you’ve already made payment, you can upload your files on our upload page. Please follow the guidelines listed on the upload page.

If you’re having trouble checking out, please contact us and let us know which package you wanted to purchase and we can send you an invoice via Paypal.

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