How to Export Individual Tracks in Pro Tools in 3 Steps


If you’re sending your song for mixing and you’re using Pro Tools, you’re going to want to export or bounce the individual tracks so your audio engineer can load them into whatever DAW they’re using. Here’s how you quickly do it.

Step 1

Select all the tracks in your session from beginning to end. You can either do this by dragging the selection tool across all your tracks or pressing CtrL + A on your keyboard.

Step 2

Next go to the Edit menu and select “Consolidate Clip”. It’s important you consolidate your tracks so that they’re all made the same size which will allow them to all line up properly when your engineer goes to load them into his DAW.


Step 3

Now the fun begins. Press Ctrl + Shift + K in Windows and Apple + Shift + K in Mac, which will bring up the export dialog. You’ll want to keep your settings similar to the ones below. Most important thing is setting Format to Interleaved from Mono. Once you’ve done that choose where you want to save the individual tracks, you’ll want to create a folder and name it your songs name and put (stems) as well as the tempo and the key of your song beside it (just to make it easy for your audio engineer). For example, if your songs name is “Groovy” you’d name your folder Groovy 146 bpm major C (stems) and then click “Use current folder”.


After that simply click “Export”. The tracks in your song will export individually which may take half an hour depending on how many tracks you have.

Quick Tip

You should always export in wav or aiff format at whatever settings you recorded your song at. For example if you recorded your song at 24 bits and 48 khz then export it in that same format. You should create a new folder and name it your songs name and add (stems) to it. For example, if your songs name is “Party Time”. Make a folder called Party Time (stems) and save your exported tracks to it.

Zip It Up

You can now zip up your folder and upload it to your audio engineer.

Author: Andre

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  1. Because you are choosing “Mono” in the Bounce window, will stereo tracks remain stereo?

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