3 Things to Consider Before Giving Up on Music


1. Hang in there for 1 more minute

Imagine on the day you die, God (or an alien or whatever) takes you through your life and asks, “Why did you give up on music?”. And you say something like, “I tried my best but couldn’t do it any longer”.  God then says to you, “You know you quit on March 4th, but had you stayed in it until June 6th you would have made the song that would have change your life”. 

2. The King vs The Artist

Prior to 60 years ago, musicians were neither rich or famous. In fact, for most of human history (about 200,000 years) artists were just everday average people. And if you think about it, what else could an artist be? Kings can’t make art. Why else would they commision artists to entertain, paint and build monuments for them? If you’re in the arts to make money, you’re bettter of trying to be a king.

3. The Failed Rockstar

I remember when I was a teen and people used to joke about the old guys with long grey hair that worked at the music store. It was obvious that they were failed rockstars from a bygone era that still managed to make music in between shifts selling cellos to rich kids. 

I never bought into this meme, even as a kid. It appeared to me that these “failed rockstars” were living the dream compared to most adults who worked a job they hated and then spent their free time watching TV trying to numb the pain of their existence. The balding guy with the pony tail working at Guitar Center is actually a success because he knows that it’s all about having the privilege to create. 

Author: Andre

Hey I’m Andre, the founder and head audio engineer of ADG Mastering. I’ve helped thousands of artists step their sound up. If you’re looking to take your sound to the next level, check out our mixing and mastering packages.

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